Tuesday, May 6, 2014

More Gold Found at The Site of the SS Central America

I can already bet that someone is already starting to write the "Return to the SS Central America" - The shipwreck that keep giving!  

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The 251’ Odyssey Explorer serves as Odyssey's
principal state-of-the-art deep-ocean archaeological
platform (Odyssey Facebook Photo)
It seems like a blockbuster sequel and this time it is the Odyssey Marine Exploration that is on their first reconnaissance mission in decades.  They've been exploring the shipwreck site since April 15 and yesterday on Cinco De Mayo, 2014 announced they have recovered nearly 1,000 ounces of gold on their first reconnaissance dive.  

"According to the firm's press release, the gold recovered included five gold ingots and two Coronet $20 double eagles. One dated 1850 and another dated 1857-S. "

Odyssey's remotely operated vehicle (ROV) ZEUS
returns to the surface following work on a deep-ocean
shipwreck site. (
Odyssey Facebook Photo)
Unlike the exploration by the Columbus-America Discover Group of Ohio led by Tommy Thompson, who basically took the money and ran without giving the exploration team and investors their cut, the Odyssey will receive "80% of recovery proceeds until a fixed mobilization fee and a negotiated day rate are paid."  Once that is taken care of, they will divvy up the remaining 45%.

J. Childs, Painting of the sinking of the Central America,
1857. Source: National Maritime Museum, London.
The SS Central America shipwreck was first found in 1987 at a depth of approximately 7,200 feet and less than 5% of the site was investigated. The current exploration should uncover much more since the tools and techniques for extensive archaeological excavation have vastly improved since 1987. 

Greg Stemm, the CEO of Odyssey has ambitious goals of targeting "one or more shipwreck cargo recoveries each year totaling at least $50 million annually." The addition of the SS Central America should prove to be a rewarding endeavor, to say the least!    

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